Hot Works - Safety Training Courses North West

The use of a hot work permits are used in circumstances where work will involve flames, sparks, the local application of heat or friction and flammable materials are close by. Hot Work Permits are completed when such activities are not normally carried out, this is when the risk increases.

Alternative options should sought in each case, but where processes involving hot work are unavoidable, a strict, safe system of work to control the risk of fire arising from the activity is required.

The British Standard BS 9999 (Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management and Use of Buildings) details that contractors and subcontractors present additional fire risks due to their unfamiliarity with the premises, fire risks and associated fire precautions. This risk is increased even further when contractors and subcontractors carry out activities such as Hot Work.

In many cases contractors are not allowed onsite unless they demonstrate that they have had the appropriate training and systems in place.

North West Fire Training can supply a bespoke course for your needs or include the Hot-Works as a ‘bolt-on’ to your Fire Warden Training


Hot Works Course Contents Include:

  • An overview of the legislation
  • Legislation
  • Role of Permit issuers
  • Familiarisation and use of permits
  • Fire Watch
  • Actions before Hot Works
  • Actions during Hot works
  • Human behaviour in fire, including case studies
  • Actions of completion
  • Procedures
  • Record keeping
  • Fire Science, and Classes
  • Extinguisher familiarisation, selection and use
  • Extinguisher Practical