Fire Marshal Training / Fire Warden Training

The role of the Fire Warden is normally the proactive role, keeping the zone that an individual is responsible for compliant and safe for the other occupants. The Fire Marshal sometime spelt Marshall is the reactive role. This would be during an outbreak of fire or a fire alarm. The terms have become interchangeable over time and it is personal preference what you call yourself but it is important to note there are two aspects to the role. Our Fire Marshal/Warden training covers both the proactive and reactive roles in full.

We will ensure that we tailor the training to your work environment, our Fire Warden course will generally include the following aspects:


Fire Warden Course Contents Include:

  • An overview of the legislation
  • The impact of fire
  • Causes of fire
  • Arson threat
  • Fire doors - case study
  • An introduction to fire science
  • Classifications of fire
  • Action in the event of fire
  • Extinguisher identification, selection and use
  • Hands on fire extinguisher use with live rigs*
  • Human behaviour in fire, including case studies
  • Pro-active and reactive roles of the fire warden
  • Evacuation strategies
  • Preplanning, zoning, resilience
  • Hazard spotting & risk reduction
  • How to undertake evacuation drills
  • Escape devices
  • Managing an Incident
  • Fire & rescue service liaison (what will they want to know on arrival)
  • Unwanted fire signal reduction (false alarms)